Portland's hidden food cart treasure under the Hawthorne bridge.
we create amazingly beautiful designs at a price that is absolutely unbelieveable
There is no other food cart like it - guaranteed.

burgerThe one and only Hand Packed Gourmet Dirty Burger…Seasoned to Perfection..Our Signature Dish..a 8oz Burger  with lettuce ,tomatoes,onions,cheeses if you like.And there are other options …Avocado, Crispy Bacon, and anything else that your heart desires..The Dirty Burger Look out!!

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Turkey Wrap

turkywrapOur Version  of The West Coast Wrap. Pita Wrap slightly toasted filled with turkey.bacon,lettuce,tomatoes and onions,and of course made with all the charm in the World. Available form sun up to sun down

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Breakfast Wrap

breakfast wrapOur Breakfast  Wrap is amazing…fresh pita bread,eggs,bacon,cheese,and tomatoes  ..Also for our Guest that wish to do a Bagel and Egg Sandwich ….we are there for you…also Omelettes…A full Kitchen can provide a Full Breakfast….Just as a reminder all of our meals are made with a smile and perfection..Have a Great Day


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